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Gateway for Industrial Development and Technology Support
    Technology Transfer and Marketing
  Techno-Economic and Engineering Studies Chemical and related industries
  Industrial Modernization and Cleaner Production Technology
  Research and Development
  Advanced Training Program
  Chemical Risk and Hazardous Chemicals Management in Industry
  Test and Analysis for Products Compatible with Standard Specification
  Investment Opportunities

Technology Transfer and Marketing

Technology plays a major role in the firm ’s competitiveness through innovation or performance improvement. Technology is defined as the practical implementation of knowledge and experiences in production of goods or in providing services. Kimanil provides studies related to new and advanced technologies in order to produce new products as well as improving existing products.

Kimanil can assist clients in technology identification and selection, technology assessment, negotiation of licensing contracts and technology acquisition

Currently Kimanil focus on:

  • Chemical Manufacturing Technologies
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing Technologies
  • Catalytic Technologies for all Sectors
  • Fertilizers Technology
  • Foaming technology
  • Environment friendly technologies
  • Air pollution control technologies
  • Waste water treatment technologies
  • Remediation Technologies

Catalytic Technologies for all Sectors

atalysis is an important scientific and technological area for the development of environmentally friendly chemical processes, and fundamental to process optimization, waste reduction and pollution prevention. These in turn are the basis of cleaner industrial development and are key elements in an overall philosophy of industrial pollution prevention. New, less polluting processes together with optimization of existing processes depend greatly on right selection of better catalyst performance and catalytic process in heavy and fine chemical production lines. Catalysis thus has a strong impact on the global economy and the economy of Egypt and Arab countries, since it is widely applied, in sectors including refining processes, polymer production, fertilizers production, petrochemical and petrochemical intermediates, pharmaceutical fine chemicals industries, fats and oils, surfactants and plasticizers, fuel additives, pesticides, flavor and aroma chemicals, rubber processing, lubricating oil and grease additives, color chemicals, photographic chemicals, textile and tanning chemicals, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides and for pollution control

Within this program Kimanil provides transfer of catalysts and catalytic technologies applied not only in large chemical industries but also in all SMEs for all sector.

Kimanil can help clients for the followings:

  • Assistance for identification and selection of innovative clean technologies into the process cycle
  • Assistance for identification and selection of new catalysts to give better kinetics of critical process reactions, thereby improving process and product efficiency as well as environmental quality of the waste by-product
Assistance for identification and selection of right catalysts in small and medium-sized enterprises

Techno-Economic and Engineering Studies for Chemical and Related Industries

  • Feasibility Studies [techno-economic]
  • Market Research and strategic
  • Basic Engineering Design
  • Chemical Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Project
  • Preparing Technical Documents for Projects Tender
  • Process Equipment Specification
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Energy and Material Balance
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
  • Equipment and Facility Layout
  • Equipment/Mechanical Description
  • Instrumentation/Control Description
  • Operating Procedures & Manuals Development
  • Supervision on Startup

Industrial Modernization and Cleaner Production Technology

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Identify CP Options
  • Cleaner Production Auditing and Implementation
  • Environmental Services
  • Training within the enterprises for Cleaner Production
  • Maintenance planning
  • Performance Assessments
  • Energy Auditing
  • Modernizing and extending existing Plants
  • Optimizing process or part of process
  • Productivity &Efficiency Studies
  Research and Development

Kimanil managed research program in cooperation with research centers inside and outside Egypt as subcontractor to support SMEs for developing their products and solving their industrial problems. The services of research projects management including the following:


  • Preparation and Formulation of Research Projects Proposal
  • Experimental Design and Data Analysis
  • Literature and Patent Searching
  • Project Planning and Scheduling, Operation Support, Commercial Development.
  • R&D Unit Design and Construction (turnkey)
  • Research Projects needs Financial Support
  • Researcher Selection and Team Building for Specific Research Project
Advanced Training Program
  • Training within the enterprises

Kimanil designed specific programs in cooperation with Industrial Companies to prepare new graduate and new employments to work efficiently at important industrial sectors. This type of program can assist new graduate to find similar job with high salary after training program.

  • In-House Short Courses

Most of the courses listed in our calendar are available for on-site training. If you have 10 or more employees who can benefit from our courses, an in-house session can be cost effective. In house short courses features the same high quality instructors, the same in-depth coverage, customized to your needs.

For details, call us 202-8322574

Central Training for Individuals

New courses are being constantly developed, and if you are interested in a specific course please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Technical Training
Kimanil has agreement with technical training centers which can support SMEs in term of technical training to prepare technical staff

Chemical Risk and Hazardous Chemicals Management in Industry

Chemical substances are used in almost every industrial workplace. Use, storage, transport and disposal of chemicals and chemical waste are sources of risk to the health of workers and the environment. Kimanil can provide consultancy and technical assistant in term of chemical risk management in Industry via our expertise and consultants. Kimanil provides the following :

  • Chemical process security and vulnerability assessment
  • Process hazards analysis (PHA)
  • Emergency Planning and Response
Process safety management (PSM)

Test and Analysis for Products Compatible with Standard Specification

Kimanil provides testing and analysis services of industrial products via accreditation laboratories for all sectors to satisfy their needs and expectations and to compliance with National and International Standards as well as issuing recognized testing certificates.

Testing and analysis services are done through the following Laboratories

  • Engineering Products Laboratory
  • Environmental Laboratory
  • Mineral Oil and Petroleum Products Laboratory
  • Organic Products Laboratory
  • Inorganic Products Laboratory
  • Paints Laboratory
  • Refractors and Ores Laboratory
  • Building and Erection Products Laboratory
  • Metals and Alloys Laboratory
  • Paper and Pulps Laboratory
  • Leather Laboratory
  • Plastics &Rubber Laboratory
  • Tobacco Products Laboratory
  • Vegetable Oils Laboratory
  • Water and Industrial Waste Laboratory
  • Foodstuff Laboratory
  • Textiles Laboratory
  • Fire and Explosion Safety Laboratory

    The following Instruments are used for Testing and Analysis Services

    Single crystal X-ray, electron spin resonance, amino acid analyzer, flow cytometer, microplate fluorometer with dispensers, real time quantitive PCR system, liquid chromatography, scanning electron microscope, FTIR/FT Raman, GC/Mass, elemental analyzer, thermal analysis, NMR, UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer, Color measurement system, atomic absorption, ultracentrifuge, Dilatometer, tensile tester, gel permeation chromatography, Inductively coupled plasma, Ion Chromatography, Supercritical CO 2 extraction, bioreactor, spry dryer, ultrafiltration

Calibration and Measurements

Calibration and Measurements are done through the following Laboratories :

  • Textile Metrology Laboratory
  • Standards References Metrology Laboratory
  • Polymer Metrology and Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Thermometry
  • Laboratory of Lighting Engineering
  • Laboratory of Photometry and Colourmetry
  • Laboratory of Volume & Flowmetry
  • Acoustics Laboratory
  • Ultrasonic non-destructive testing instruments
  • Laboratory of Mass, Pressure and Density
  • Laboratory of force and Material Metrology
  • Electrical Quantities Metrology Laboratory
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Time and Frequency metrology
  • Optical Metrology of End and Line Standards
  • Wavelength Primary Standards and Laser Technology

Integrated Solutions for Quality Testing Laboratories

Kimanil provides turnkey Quality Testing Laboratories for Industrial Companies and Universities as well as R&D units Including The Followings:

  • Design of Laboratories
  • Supervision on Laboratories Construction
  • Identify and Selection of Analytical and Testing Equipment
  • Training within the Enterprises
  • Standards Methods/Reference/Validation
  • Lab compliance/ Inspection
  • Prepare for ISO 17025
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